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WHO ARE WE? We are Brigin Guides!

Brigin Emblem

The Story of Brigid

Our name comes from a little girl called Brigid who became one of the first Christian Saints in Ireland. Brigid was born at Faughart, County Louth, in 453 AD. Her father was a rich nobleman and a pagan. Her mother was a slave who had heard the story of Jesus from Saint Patrick. Brigid loved to hear this story and grew to love Jesus. When she was old enough, her father wanted her to marry a rich nobleman, but Brigid had decided to give her whole life to God. She became a nun.

Although there were nuns in Ireland before her time, she was the first to set up a convent where the nuns could live together. The most famous of all her convents was at Kildare where she herself lived. She was so good and holy that many came to Kildare to learn from her how to serve God faithfully.

Brigid was very kind to the sick and the poor and it is said that she often worked miracles to help them. The Irish people have always loved her and because of her spotless purity and holiness, have given her the glorious title of "Muire ne nGael" - "Mary of the Gael".

Legend tells us that Brigid on one occasion was visiting a sick man. She was explaining to him about the love of God. She told him about Jesus dying on the Cross and rising from the dead and that he too would share in the happiness of God's love. She made a cross from the rushes on the floor to remind him that Jesus cared for him. Many people still place a blessed Saint Brigid's Cross in their homes to ask God's blessing on them. It is a sign of the prayer in their hearts. We Brigin Guides use the Saint Brigid's Cross as our Badge.

The Brigin Guide Promise

On My Honour
With the grace of God,
I .......
promise to do my best
to serve God and Holy Church
to help other people at all times
and to keep the Brigin Law.

The Brigin Guide Laws

  1. A Brigin always speaks the truth.
  2. A Brigin promptly obeys with a smile.
  3. A Brigin is helpful and kind.
  4. A Brigin is polite and friendly.
  5. A Brigin is never afraid to do the right thing.
  6. A Brigin does all things for the glory of God.


Brigins in uniform
  • A white polo shirt with logo
  • A jade sweatshirt with logo
  • A turquoise neckerchief with colours on its apex
  • CGI official navy bottoms
  • Options: Navy shorts for summer

Brigin Interest Badge System

An interest badge system applies in the Brigin Section. This gives the Brigin the opportunity of pursuing a wide variety of interests of her own choice. The Brigin can start working on any of the interest badges as soon as they are enrolled. They range from Swimmer to Book Lover to Irish Dancer. There is a wide range of badges so every Brigin will find something that suits them.