Raheny Guides

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Guide Emblem

Guides are the core group of the CGI and the group that the whole movement is named after. Aged from 10 to 14, Guides are able, with their Leaders' help, to take a much more active part in organising meetings and in indoor and outdoor activities and events. There's also a huge range of challenging and fun badges for Guides to choose from.

The Guide Badge

The badge consists of a Celtic Cross with a shamrock superimposed. The tree of life is engraved on the shamrock. The Guide Motto, "Bí Ullamh" - Be Prepared, is on the base of the Cross.

The Guide Promise

On my Honour with the help
of God,
I ....... promise to
do my best to serve God and His Church,
to be a responsible member of the community,
to help other people at all times
and to keep the Guide Law.


  • A wedgewood blue sweatshirt with logo.
  • A navy polo shirt with logo
  • Company neckerchief.
  • CGI Navy Bottoms
  • Runners

Guide Interest Badge System

An interest badge system also applies in the Guide Section. This gives the Guide the opportunity of pursuing a wide variety of interests of their own choice. The Guide can start working on any of the interest badges as soon as they are enrolled. They range from Irish Speaker to Campcraft to Life Saver. There is a wide range of badges so every Guide will find something that suits them.