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Cygnet Guides "Care and Share"

Cygnet Emblem

Cygnet Guides are the newest addition to the Catholic Guides of Ireland and therefore to the family of Guiding. Dioceses are encouraged to work out their own recruiting/intake policy for new members.

The Cygnet Promise

I, ......... PROMISE to love God and to love other people.

The Cygnet Prayer

Angel of God, My Guardian Dear,
To Whom His love, Commits me here,
Ever this day (or night), Be at my side,
To light and guard, to rule and guide



Cygnets at a meeting
  • A red sweatshirt with logo
  • A white polo shirt
  • A yellow neckerchief, colours on apex
  • CGI bottoms / Navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Runners
  • Red baseball cap with Cygnet Guide badge

The Cygnet Guide Laws

A Cygnet:
C Cares and shares
Y Young and special
G Loves God
N Always neat
E Enjoys herself
T Tries to be good

Cygnet Choices Programme

Cygnets at a meeting

The Cygnet Programme is called "Look What I Can Do" and is based on the idea of choices.

There are 7 parts to the programme:

  1. I can do anything - Creativity - Red
  2. I can look after myself - Health - Pink
  3. I can go out - Out of doors - Gold
  4. I can care and share - International - Orange
  5. I can talk - Communications - Blue
  6. I can be green - Environment - Green
  7. I can be special - Special - Purple

Stickers: As you work your way through the programme you can also earn stickers.

When a Cygnet becomes a Brigin...

The story told to Cygnets as they are leaving the Cygnets to join the Brigins goes as follows:

So little C.G.I. Cygnets
Grow into beautiful swans
And take flight
To join all other Cygnets
In the Brigin Company
At the other side of the lake
And they all lived happily ever after.