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Mount Olympus

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Badges you should earn before achieving your Mount Olympus Award

A record needs to be kept as each section/Badge is completed before being presented with your award.

  • Knots and Lashings Badge
  • Fire Safety Badge
  • Sports Women
  • Swimming Badge
  • Cooks Badge
  • Thrift Badge
  • International Friendship Badge
  • Harmony Badge

Specific Tasks

  • Camp for at least one weekend and camp or hostel for another weekend.
  • Start your own songbook, collect and learn songs suitable for the opening and closing of a meeting and campfire.
  • Take part in a Diocesan Guide Activity.
  • Earn an interest badge of your own choice.

Badge Requirements

Knots and Lashings

  • Tie each of the following: reef knot, clove hitch, bowline, sheetbend, double overhand.
  • Know (a) how to whip and splice a rope, and (b) how to prevent nylon rope from fraying.
  • Make a gadget using (a) square lashing and (b) snake lashing.
  • Make a tripod.

Fire Safety

  • Understand Fire Safety in the home.
  • In the event of a fire outbreak know what steps to take to ensure your safety and that of the others in the building.
  • Visit your local fire station if possible.
  • In the event of being trapped know what to do.
  • Know how to deal with burns and scalds.

Sports Woman

  • Take part in a recognized sport on a regular basis.
  • Know the rules and be able to demonstrate the basic skills of that sport.
  • Show a good spirit in any team game situation.


  • Be able to swim 100 metres.
  • Be able to dive.
  • Demonstrate the breast crawl, crawl, and side strokes.
  • Demonstrate floating and treading the water.
  • State (a) precautions to be taken before swimming in an unfamiliar place and (b) the reasons for not swimming alone.


  • Plan and prepare a simple well-balanced lunch for two people.
  • Show you are a tidy worker throughout preparations and wash up afterwards.
  • Bake a cake/scones for your patrol to taste.
  • Know the importance of proper hygiene in the kitchen.


  • Use some of your pocket money, or money you have earned to open a savings account in a bank, post office, or credit union.
  • Produce a record of regular savings over a six-month period.

International Friendship

  • Take part in an international night.
  • Make a display about world guiding.
  • Prepare and serve a main dish typical of another country.
  • Find out about one of the following organisations that sponsor international friendship eg. UNO, UNESCO, etc.
  • Know five greeting words in other languages.


  • Choose two of the following scenes and act them out.
    • A disagreement over choice of TV Channel.
    • Use of Bathroom.
    • Your pocket money allowance.
    • Care of younger brothers and sisters.
    • Patrol activities or work.
  • Make something attractive for your home or patrol corner.
  • Plan a service to help a member of your family or Patrol.




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