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Meet The Raheny Guides Team

All of the Guiders in Raheny have been Cygnets, Brigins, Guides or Rangers in the past themselves. We have well over 100 years of guiding between us all!

So we know what great experiences Guiding gives to girls and we are all devoted to giving these opportunities back to the community in Raheny.

And wider still, many of the Guiders in Raheny are also members of Regional Support Teams, Regional Executives and even members of the National Board.

This is a huge commitment for the leaders as it is all done on a voluntary basis and we are very thankful to all the leaders for their many years of service to the community in Raheny and to CGI.

Guider Uniform

Formal Uniform         Activity Uniform
Lemon blouse         Teal sweatshirt with logo
Navy trousers / skirt        Lemon polo shirt with logo
Guider Scarf        CGI Official Navy Trousers
       Company neckerchief / Guider scarf

Becoming a Guider

Guiders winning awards

Assistant Guider
To become an Assistant Guider, you must do the Basic Guider Course. This course is held in the Region once a year. On completion of the course in February, participants are appointed to be Assistant Guiders. Participants in this course must be 18 years and over.

To become a Guider, you must do the Intermediate Course, related to the section which you will be taking, and complete the appropriate tasks. This is run in conjunction with the Guider Course, in Dublin, so that knowledge can be shared between the two groups.

Other training courses are also provided for Guiders depending on interest. For example, First Aid, An Dushlan (further leader training), Outdoor Warrants to enable you to assist with camping activities, etc.

Friends of Guiding

Friends of Guiding support Guiding in a financial way. Friends of Guiding usually have some connection with Guiding - a child involved, a friend who is a Guider etc.

How to be a Friend of Guiding: Register your name with the Region and pay an annual subscription which will be used to support Guiding in the local unit.

Associate Members / Le Cheile

Associate Membership aims to keep the spirit of Guiding alive through meeting, sharing, and developing personal and social activities. There is an active Associate Members group in Dublin which meets once a month.


  • Providing members with opportunities to have fun;
  • to experience the many different personal and social encounters that Guiding represents;
  • to follow through with their particular interest or skill;
  • to keep in touch with active membership,
  • and to exchange with Guiding & Scouting personnel in other countries.


Associate members are encouraged to enjoy Guiding and to take the lead in exchanging with Guiding/Scouting contacts and in organising events and activities for themselves.

Guiders at a wedding