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2015 - 2016

Here are just a few photos of what we have been doing since September, will update with more soon.

World Thinking Day 2016


The Cygnets, Brigins, Guides and Rangers all celebrated World Thinking Day at their meetings on Wednesday 24th Februaryy. The theme for this year was Connect.

The sections came together to connect and share the fun with other guides around the world. Each section participated in various activities to learn about guides in other countries, the world centres and experience other cultures.

Brigins Meeting - 20th January

One of the joys of the girls doing their badges, nice treats for everyone when it's the baking badge :-)

And the Brigins got to share what they like and what they would like to change or add to their Brigin uniforms. Jet packs, fluffy jumpers and Brigin runners were among the list. Hm, will pass that on to the uniform review committee and see what they can do :)

Merry Christmas to all our members

Cygnets visit to Santa in Larch Hill - 12th December

Cygnets went on their annual visit to Santa and Elf World at Larch Hill

Christmas Meeting Activities

Along with crafts, games and lots of fun.
The member of Raheny Unit remembered those less fortunate with the ICHH Shoebox Appeal

Cygnet & Brigin Christmas Day - 5th December

The Cygnets and Brigins visited Headquarters and the Chocolate Factory to start the Christmas Fun

Guides and Leaders Christmas outing - 2nd December

Since most of the rangers were in this years Manor House Show,
we decided to go along and support the girls in their rendition of
Joseph and his amazing technicoloured dreamcoat

The show was brilliant and everyone had a great night
Check out our Facebook page for some cool videos from the show.

Unit Enrolment - 18th November

Our first unit enrolment, Cygnets, Brigins and Guides all getting enrolled on the night.

The Rangers were there too but they have their own unique enrolments each year.

The hall before everyone arrived, preparations and getting started

One of the most important items of becoming a guide, earning your neckerchief and promise badge

We couldn't show pictures of every promise so here are just a few of each section

Some general shots from the evening and campfire

Welcome to Raheny Guides
A photo of all our newest members
And thanks to our various helpers on the night

National Guide Camp - 13th-15th November

The Theme was, I'm a guide, get me out of here :)

Brigins & Guides Halloween Party

Leaders jump out of a plane for CGI :)

On Sunday 11th October, Raheny Guiders Marie and Louise, along with other leaders from CGI,
took the plung and did a Sky Dive in aid of the Eastern Region 'Raise the Roof'
fundraising campaign, to fix the roof in Headquarters.

What an amazing experience and they raised a great sum for the campaign.
If you ask nicely, they might show you their videos of the jump! :)