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2008 & 2009

National Ranger Trip to India

Ranger trip to India

Raheny Guides' Newest Members

Wed 17th June 2009

Raheny Guides Newest Members

Dublin Campskills Day

Sun 14th June 2009

Raheny Guides at Dublin Campskills Day Dublin Campskills Day Dublin Campskills Day Dublin Campskills Day Dublin Campskills Day Dublin Campskills Day Dublin Campskills Day Dublin Campskills Day Dublin Campskills Day Dublin Campskills Day Dublin Campskills Day

Annual Cycle Night

Wed 27th May 2009

Safety First On The Right Track Cycle Group Pic Working Hard Well Earned Break Raheny Guides - Cycle Night

Trash Fashion Show

Wed 13th May 2009

Trash Fashion Show Trash Fashion Show Trash Fashion Show Trash Fashion Show Trash Fashion Show Trash Fashion Show Trash Fashion Show Trash Fashion Show Trash Fashion Show - Tidy Up

Raheny Guides - Guides Strike Out

Bowling Night Fundraiser for ICCG Conference, Wed 6th May 2009

Raheny Guides - Guides Strike Out

National All Sections Day

Funtasia Waterpark Drogheda and Fossett's Circus, Sat 25th April 2009

Cygnet Circus Guides Circus Cygnets Cygnets Guides - Roller Skating Guides - Roller Skating Cygnets - Play Area Cygnets - Play Area Raheny Guides - National All Sections Day

Hike from Bray to Greystones

Sat 4th April 2009

Raheny Guides Hike from Bray to Greystones

Raheny Guides Enrolment

Wednesday 3rd Dec 2008

Congratulations to the newest members of Raheny Guides

Raheny Guide Leader, Marie Denham, visited Uganda to work with a children's charity helping children with HIV/AIDS

Marie travels to Uganda

That's Marie on the left.

Update Email No 1 from Marie: Mazugo! Everywhere you go children run up to hold your hand.

Hi all,

I'm here safe and sound. I just checked my results and I've passed everything so I won't need to change my flights to go home early :-)

Uganda Flag

It's amazing, I can't believe I'm here! There's people selling things all along the streets at all hours. It seems like everyone has a shop. Most of them look like open garages but others are sheets of iron or wooden shacks. There were even some with a bike for a shop with brooms sticking out everywhere. The roads are mainly red dirt tracks extremely bumpy! but there's one main road which has tar mac out side of town.

The city is even crazier then the suburbs where I'm staying. There is only one set of traffic lights. And you need a death wish when your crossing. People just waltz across dodging the people carrier taxi's, motor bikes and bicycles which speed everywhere. There are people selling things on the footpath everywhere. Using broken glass to hold the new papers in place.

I'm staying in a small compound with a little courtyard. I'm sharing a room with 2 others girls. The toilets are outside, as is the dining area which is a grass hut. The roof is made out of corrugated iron which makes the rain sound like a typhoon and a cat like an elephant. I was awoken by the dawn chorus of dogs barking, pigs oinking, kids running to school and of course a cock a doodle doo thrown in!

On the first morning we got to visit the library, we met all the members of the organization who introduced themselves and told us everything about the charity. During this time, a whole school arrived and they all ran up to us wanting to hold our hands. They pulled up my sleeves. Their cute little faces staring up at us. Then sang us some songs and we gave them high fives. It was certainly an experience.

The second day we went back to the library where I help teach an English reading class under a tree in the yard. Then we went back into Kamapla again. This time we got a matau which is a people carrier taxi/bus. It beeps the horn to everyone who's walking by and collects as many people as it can, around 10-13 or as many as the driver can fit. Once in to Kamapla, we had to walk through the masses of people, markets and traffic. We got stuck at one point packed like sardines at the side of the road until we could cross without losing our toes or valuables. We made it into the main street to the bank. Then we went for iced coffee's to try and wake us up from the heat. It took 2 hours of waiting but thats their style. Nothing starts or comes on time :-) I fit right in.

Last night, we went to see a band called the Eagles! A very famous Ugandan band. Most people were sitting but us Mazugo's (White people) were up dancing right next to the stage. The gig was only 2.50! There were mothers with their children and even babies, which were dancing up the front. Any one could go up on stage and dance with the performers if you gave them a tip. So before we knew it 5 of us ran up and were dancing too. It was amazing!

I have the weekend off now and start on the monday.

Keep in touch:)

- Marie

Update Email No 2 from Marie: Didn't expect a monsoon but at least I got a good shower out of it :-)

Ole oh-ti-ah! (How are you :-)

So just a quick update for you all as I dont have much time.

I started work last Monday in a small health clinic in the next town. The Sister in charge is quite a character. She wears a white dress uniform and little white hat/ rolled up doyley. She's really nice to me though strict on the patients. All day Monday I just helped dish out tablets. But on Wednesday I got stuck in as I vaccinated loads of babies. It was a very busy and hectic day with screaming kids everywhere.

On the Tuesday, I was way out in the country side and we visited one family with a child on the HIV empowerment programme. Which was great to see because the lil boy seemed healthy and happy. I learned all about the different medication as well as helping the mother collect water from the well. She could carry a 10lt bottle on her head. Had a quick go but only lasted a few steps. Kinda hard to balance :-) The father then showed me around the different crops they grow from coffee beans and vanllia to the green savory bananas called matoko. After lunch, I helped the general volunteers who started building a three roomed house. Got to help dig the foundations and we had several lines of brick passing. This was really great fun cos I really felt like I was doing something.

That evening, I made my own way home in a Matato (the taxi/bus) and talked to a kind old guy who told me about how our countries are so similar. I got home in a good mood only to find out that one of the Nurses broke her ankle in three places. She was in the hospital all that day waiting to be seen and then getting it relocated. Only it wouldn't. Herself and her son had to go home. They left yesterday from the airport but because of a storm in Amsterdam they're still waiting for their flight.

Thursday morning I was in the library. Which really is a small out-house with a big yard to play in. I was helping divide out food for the families with HIV, this ensures the children get enough nutrition to keep them healthy. Then in the afternoon, we visited a school teaching them about first aid. My topic was choking which was great fun with all the kids acting it out. Did the same on Friday.

After work we headed straight for the Market! Which was crazy. Packed with stalls and people everywhere. What made it worst was that we were white so everyone was shouting at us thinking we're really rich. I bought some nice material for a euro which I'm gonna turn in to a dress. Most of it looked like it was second hand but washed and shined. We enjoyed the rest of the day sipping pineapple soda's til the sun went down and then headed home to give the Nurse and her son a party to remember. There was loads dancing and some break dancing.

I started my own project. I started to paint a shed in the library with a lil help. We finished the outline and we're gonna get the kids to color it in. Im quite happy with it. It'll be great when its done.

It rained today, really really rained and all last night there was a thunder and lightning storm. I got to wash my hair though. Aka. I stuck my head under the stream of water draining off the roof.

Thats about it :-)

I love and miss you all

- Marie

Update Email No 3 from Marie: How many pineapples can you fit on a Bicycle?

So this time I have to keep it very short.

Last week -

Monday: Wakiso health centre - working away happy :-)

Tuesday: Library getting children to read.

Wednesday: Wakiso again, a baby was named after me :-), was HIV testing blood in the labs and they help support the nurse when we gave out the results 50% were positive, including 2 orphans 6 and 8 yrs :-(

Thursday: Had home visit with the HIV nurse to a 2 year old (the happiest girl i've ever met). Then did First aid in a school.

Friday: Library and gave class on STDs and Aids to a group of first year boys with 2 other volunteers.

Saturday: Worked in a rural health clinic

Sunday: Went to didis world fun fair with 80 kids!

A great but tiring week

Miss you all

- Marie